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FFC Home Page Plus Ad Package:

ForFreeCasinos.com FFC FFC CAP

No Auto-recurring Payments! Pay 1-time only.

Includes 4 text-links:

1 on home page FORFREECASINOS.
Ad placement: **Right top, seen here:

1 on an inside page at AllSpins.com, chosen for you.
(E.g., bottom of Gambling, above "Directory.")

1 on an inside page at BuyCasinoAds.com, chosen for you.
(E.g., Online Casinos)

1 sitewide at casinosite.blogsp....

»  30-day Ads, 1 payment (no recurring):
»  $19.90

After paying, email your site's url and title to: sc@buycasinoads.com.

More info:

1.  **Your theme must be gaming for FFC home page.

2.  Here's FFC's Alexa Rank.

3.  Your FFC right bar ad will show on desktops and tablets, but not on mobile phones [when the browser screen shrinks to under 670px].

4.  All ads start at the top of their section, then get bumped down every time someone else buys a link.

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